"John, I am loving my violin so much."  
~Jodi French / Professional Pianist / BuddingViolinist / Ashland, OR

"Hi John, just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how pleased I am with my violin! It is so easy to play and sounds terrific. Currently my wife and I are in the pit orchestra for Phantom of the Opera. There are four violins and the blend is fantastic. Your skill and craftsmanship is awesome, and you are producing some very fine instruments. Thanks for the discount and for being so easy to work with. I will certainly recommend you in our neck of the woods. My best regards, Michael."  
~Michael Hendrix / Violinist / Yreka, CA

"John, thank you for fixing my son's Cello. I really appreciate your dedication to your craft; the time & energy you spend doing your best work. Now off to practise my viola that I wish played more like yours…"
~ Emily Severson / Violist RVS / Medford, OR

"My John Hill violin, when fresh out of his shop was bright and quick. Now after a couple of years, it has developed rich, full tone and just keeps getting better. A joy to own!"
~Patrick Tovatt / Violinist / Fiddler / Portland, OR

"I have had my J. Hill Viola for almost four years now and I absolutely love it. It has a wonderful tone and the sound volume is amazing. I get so many compliments from the people I play with. It works great in both orchestral and chamber music settings."
~Jon Lexau / Chamber & Orchestra Musician / Portland, OR

"John, I’m really enjoying my new violin! I’ve had a LOT of positive comments from students and other musicians saying they really like the voice of this instrument. I’ll be playing a lyrical Irish piece solo with our high school choir next week, and the violin sounds great with this genre of music. The kids actually applauded the first time I played it with them in practice! Thanks again for checking up on us—and yes, I’m still loving my new violin very much!"
~Deniese / Violin & Orchestra Teacher / The Dalles / Hood River, OR

"Dear John, I just wanted to thank you again for the 7/8ths size violin you made for me; it's a pleasure to play each time. Despite the incrementally smaller size, the instrument has a big, rich voice. The G and D strings sing with an almost viola - like chocolaty warmth, while the upper strings have that sweet, lyric soprano. Playing in the upper registers of each string, I'm amazed by how articulate and clear the sound remains. When I play chords, the violin resonates like a small organ! Also, your meticulous workmanship is a joy to look at. Thanks again for the marvelous violin."
~ Johnny Fang / Chamber & Orchestra Musician / Portland, OR

"I have a beautiful, 250 year old Italian violin and it gets left in the dust because I love to play my John Hill Violin."
~Dr. Roma Sprung / Violinist & Folk Musician / Ashland, OR

"I am very happy with my new John Hill violin. It has all the ingredients I want in a fiddle. It is larger than average, like me, and fits my body better than the average Strad. As a traditional Irish fiddler I like both an edge in tone as well as a rich throaty quality, a seemingly paradoxical combination to achieve, yet Gianni has it. I use Tomastik Prazision steel strings and get above average volume, without that empty resonance of some new fiddles. The fiddle posesses great action, with a feel and response that in itself has made me a better player. Young Gianni has it all. Keep up the good work."
~Wayne Webster / Music BA, H.S.U. / Gigger, Teacher and Busker.