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Featured Violins Violas & Cellos by John Hill

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    By J Hill

    Example of my model based on Del Gesu's Kochanski. SOLD
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    Strad Medici

    by J Hill

    16" Viola is robust and powerful without being harsh. Nicely resonant A string with powerful C. SOLD
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    by J Hill

    Montagnana 1741 has a more petite form and very comfortable to play with a more focused sound. SOLD via Roland Feller.
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    15&1/2" Viola

    Guadagnini Model by J Hill

    Recent 2016' smaller viola with big sound! Based on Guadagnini Form. Excellent Sound! AVAILABLE @ Tom Metzler Violin Shop in L.A. CA
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    Guarneri 2015'

    Del Gesu By J Hill

    Strong, clear and even with sweet E string and resonant lower strings. SOLD
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    Strad 2017'

    Strad by J Hill

    Very nice sounding and playing instrument! AVAILABLE to try at John Hill's Shop.
"It is a life long study but with every violin that I make, my goal is to create an instrument that in form is crafted artistically (in the Italian tradition) and in function is created with the greatest attention in detail towards ease of playability and the type of sound quality that is sought by serious artists."